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President: Ryan O’Leary

Ryan is a senior at Scarborough High School, and is deeply passionate about the intersectionality of both social justice and capitalism with the environmental movement. He’s the president of the Environmental Club of Scarborough (ECOS) at Scarborough High School and has experience with starting a school garden, growing and maintaining club membership engagement, and starting solar projects in schools.

Ryan believes that all beings, both human and non-human, must have the right to clean water and air, and that no corporate or government interests should legally be able to deprive them of such.


Vice President: Dyllan Hinton

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Event Coordinator: Riley Beliveau

Riley is currently a senior at Scarborough High School, where she is the Vice President of the Environmental Club of Scarborough (ECOS) and is deeply involved in her academics. She is most passionate about helping all living creatures on Earth, whether it be plants and animals through her environmental activism or people in her pursuance of a biomedical engineering degree. She put on MYEA's first ever annual convention in April of 2018. She managed the ins and outs of the event, and this taught her to do extensive planning beforehand as well as work quickly and efficiently on the day of to ensure everything ran smoothly. 

Riley wants to stop seeing inhumane activities be permitted in our government and believes every person has the basic right to being themselves. She strives to educate people on racial injustice, feminism, and of course, climate change. She hopes to use MYEA as a platform to allow every young environmental activist in Maine can reach their full potential, regardless of their high school's involvement in the issues.

Public Outreach Officer: Ruth Metcalfe

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