2019-2020 Leadership Opportunities

Four Members of the MYEA Leadership Team will be graduating this year, therefore it is time for the first official myea leadership team election to take place.


Positions Available


  • Will lead Regional and Leadership Meetings

  • Will oversee officer responsibilities and assist when called upon

  • Will represent the Maine Youth Environmental Association, and its values, as a whole

Vice President:

  • Will create agendas and coordinate the MYEA Leadership Meetings

  • Will take minutes at each Leadership and Regional Meeting

  • Will create and complete job assignments for MYEA Leadership Team

  • Will assume the Presidential duties as called upon

Club Relations Officer:

  • Will create quarterly newsletter showcasing updates, accomplishments, etc.

  • Will coordinate with schools and representatives as required by the representative and membership duties

  • Will be the only contact towards schools and representatives unless otherwise stated

  • Will be in charge of increase of the interactivity and participation with schools

  • Will update and maintain CRO designated sections to the MYEA social media and website.

Media Coordinator

  • Will update and maintain social media

  • Will control all functions and material on website and review officer designated sections

  • Will coordinate and chair a social media committee to gain membership and followers.

Public Outreach Coordinator

  • Will be the only contact with all public relations except for schools or duties required by the Chief Resource Officer unless otherwise stated or called upon

  • Will communicate and coordinate any events or relations with press unless otherwise stated or called upon

Event Coordinator:

  • Will coordinate Regional Meetings

  • Will form and chair the Convention Committee

  • Will coordinate any roles at fairs, events, or other that would require MYEA leaders or leadership members to speak at, join or host.